Security Personnel

Security Services

The Security Personnel are minimum matriculated and are given further In- house training so as to perform their duties effectively.

Instead of saturating clients’ premises with large numbers of inexperienced, low-paid security personnel and rows of the poorly monitoring system. VFS actively engages with the task at hand develops an effective set of operational methods and procedures for preventing security breaches. While the security apparatus is fail-proof, our philosophy is that single trained security personnel backed by an effective, computerized database and state of art security technology, is far more effective than three poorly trained security personnel who have a limited understanding.

We are rendering our services to Corporate offices, Industries, Commercial establishments, Banks, Financial institutions, ATMs, MNC’s, Governments Installations, Residential communities, Were houses, Farm Houses, Large-Medium-Small Scale Industries, Etc. in an organized manner. Clients need to be trained to guard personnel who are well are trained in Fire –Fighting, Life-Saving. Material Management-Such as inward and outward, Man Management like visitor pass Key Management, March-past, Good turnout, etc. And therefore started recruiting the best manpower in Security Industry such as Defense Officers, Ex-Police Officers to train the guarding personnel, and to carry out Security audits.

We focus on finding the best security solutions to address the challenges of our clients, who understand their own needs and the combination of our expertise, service, and responsiveness. Security and Safety are perhaps never complete till eternity, but efforts are being made by every organization to protect and safeguard against miscreants, thefts, Gunda elements, and so on by deploying Security Personnel either being on their roll or through Security Agencies. This again depends on how well trained the personnel is or Agency is? In our case, rest assured, we are well trained, equipped, and experienced to undertake any type of eventuality in the field of Security Safety.